History of ice-breaker >STETTIN<
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Built by the Stettiner Oderwerke, the "Stettin", the then largest ice-breaker flying the German flag, was commissioned on the 16th November 1933. The Chamber of Commerce, Stettin, was the owner, and the operational area of the ship was the River Oder and the Bay of Stettin. At the end of the war, the "Stettin" escaped to the west and was administered by the Water and Shipping Office, Hamburg, (W.S.A.). She was berthed at the Buoy Yard at Wedel near Hamburg. She was until 1981 in service, and was often engaged during winter on the River Elbe, the Kiel Canal, Kiel Bay, and the Baltic.
The Ice-Breaker "Stettin" Association was founded to preserve the ship as a technological and cultural monument for future generations. The "Stettin" serves during the summer taking guests on pleasure trips. During the rest of the year, she is berthed as a museum ship at the museum port Oevelgönne in Hamburg.

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