Technical data of the >STETTIN <
To enable the "Stettin" to break ice, it was necessary to design the hull and superstructure differently to normal sea-going vessels. The rounded bulge of the hull ensured that the pressure of thick ice did not damage the ship. In extreme cases of compression stress, the ship could free itself by making pitch-like motions of the hull.

The main engine was a modern triple-expansion steam engine providing almost 2000 HP at the propeller. Moving slowly, she could
open a passage through ice up to one metre thick.

The accommodation on board "Stettin" was spartan, furnishing was frugal, and the crew had little in the way of comfort. The seamen, machinists, and firemen were accommodated separately, with six bunks to each compartment and two shower rooms separated by a bulkhead. The officers were somewhat better off, having cabins with a maximum of two bunks and hand-basins at their disposal.
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