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The board of
Dampf-Eisbrecher-Stettin e.V.

German society for search and rescue

Naval comradeship club "Eisbrecher Stettin" Bonn
Since 1984, the Bonn shipmates have sponsored the "old-lady" STETTIN.

Museum port in Hamburg
There are many old ships

Community of German steam ships
The registered association represents maritime interests of steam ship - operators

Steamer ALEXANDRA Flensburg
Promotion association "Salondampfer Alexandra" in Flensburg

Museum ship Hamburg
"The White Swan" of the South Antlantic

Steam tug
in the museum port Oevelgoenne

Former Aviso SCHAARHOERN Hamburg

Ice-breaker WAL and tug GOLIATH
Museum ships in Bremerhaven


Lauenburg / Elbe

Steam ship St. GEORG
Association Alsterdampfschiffahrt

The portal around navigation (The gateway to navigation)
For friends of navigation, ocean-going fishing and seamen

DSR Seeleute e.V.
Site of former seamen of the DSR - merchant fleet

DSR Seefahrer
Site of a former stewardess of the DSR - merchant fleet

Swiss Ships
Site of Swiss ocean-going vessels

Site about light vessels

Light Vessel
Light Vessel TEXEL

Dirk's Lighthouse Page

Floating crane
Museum in Hamburg-Oevelgoenne

The portal
for shiplovers
Site with many fine pictures and links.

Extensive Linklist
to Europ. shipping companies and harbours. Shipping Index

Preservation of maritime monuments
The association promotes the conservation of maritime monuments

art gallery
Site with beautiful pictures by Enno Kleinert which are exhibited aboard STETTIN.

Site with beautiful paintings by Helga Brockmann which are exhibited aboard STETTIN

Vacation in Stettin
Information site about journeys in Poland by the specialist,
Klaus Hoepner.

Promoting organization

The organization works for the preservation of
Patrol-boat "Kranich"

Maritime Photographie
Nice site from
Wolfgang K. Reich
Here you find work round the maritime photograph

Here it also steams
and you can make journeys in a train with steam engine.

Salonmotorschiff STADT KIEL
The motorvessel STADT KIEL is written down on the monument roll of the country of Schleswig-Holstein as technical cultural monument

Site about maritime interests
Information about the merchant navy, the nautical professions, the education in the MN as well as about other maritime topics.

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