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Do you have an interest in the sea, shipping and mechanical engineering? Would the history of our ship interest you? The ice - breaker STETTIN is a fascinating attraction for most visitors.

Discover the uniqe nature of our ship and learn about its wartime history and its story by coming aboard the STETTIN. She is Germany's very last and largest coal-fired steamship still maintained in good running order.

The Ice - breaker Association is non - profit making, and its only aim is to preserve the old - timer. The Association has 830 members, of which approximately one hundred play an active voluntary role in the execution of the association's work.

Before the association was established in the year 1981, it was especially people from Pomerania who saved the STETTIN, the last and most modern of a fleet of ice - breakers, from the scrap - yard. Mr. E. Gerdau initiated the rescue of the STETTIN by publishing an article in a Pommeranian newspaper. Friedrich Karl Lueder, now deceased, an entrepreneur from Luebeck took the first private steps to purchase the vessel, later joined by Wilhelm Hoffmann and Guntram Kruse from the Pomeranian Homeland Association. Through the cooperation of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck authorities an understanding was reached for the ship to have its own berth in Luebeck, the twin - town of Stettin (Szczecin).

The state government of Schleswig - Holstein then recognized the ice - breaker STETTIN as a museum ship. On 21. August 1981 the ship was finally purchased and the association was founded. The purchase price of DM 70,000 was raised almost exclusively from donations of the Pommeranian Homeland Association.

The marine consultants Luckmann and Prager, who had been entrusted with the task of giving an expert opinion, were invited to a meeting of the founders. They were then elected as members of the first executive committee, whose President was W. Hoffmann. Today, some years after the formation of this committee, several million Deutschmarks have been invested in the venture. The voluntary work and the material freely provided by Club members amount to a similar monetary sum.

The State government of Schleswig-Holstein also helped with subsidies.
The work input of Club members was however crucial to "Stettin's" presence today at major maritime events, which reminds people of the days of coal-fired steamships.

Every year, large numbers of guests sail with her to major events, such as the Port of Hamburg's Foundation Day, The Kieler Woche Regatta, Flensburg Steam Machinery Week, and Hansa Sail etc. All seafaring people and Pomeranians faithful to their homeland are filled with joy when the Stettin shows up with an enormous smoke-cloud rising from her funnel. Ice-breaker Stettin has friends in every corner of the world. Many of them have become paying members, thereby showing their commitment to the Club's goal of preserving the 'old-lady' "Stettin" and its old-world technology for future generations. She is, besides, a symbol for the city Stettin.

The active members play a great part in achieving the aim of the Association. Due merit is given to the active members for accomplishing the necessary work during maintenance periods and for providing a qualified crew for the ship when in service and carrying guests. The active members are always pleased to welcome guests aboard. You have the opportunity to visit the "Stettin" at any time of the year during maintenance periods at her berth at Oevelgoenne, the museum section of the port of Hamburg- (the boat/bus stop is at Neumuehlen)- or as a guest on board during one of the many major events at the ports on the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas. See the current timetable to find the location of "Stettin" during the season and where to purchase tickets.

Aboard the ship, you will learn from the crew, and through personal experience, how a steamship with 1933 technology operates. If a guest aboard at sea, you can visit the bridge, the engine-room and boiler-room. You can become acqainted with the work of long-forgotten occupations, e.g. the work of firemen (stoker), and coal-trimmer. To maintain this ship in good working order as a technological and cultural monument and put her to sea every year needs a great deal of money, besides the involvement of many voluntary personnel. As a non-profit making association, we are allowed to issue certificates to those who donate money. The same applies to members who pay annual subscriptions.

Please support the STETTIN and become a member!

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